Lilli Photography

Hi! I’m Sarah, a Maryland - based photographer. Ever since I was a small child I have loved art in all forms and spent many weekends roaming art museums with my mom. I have always been drawn to portraits and the ability to fully capture who the person is. Once I became a mother I became fully aware of how fleeting these moments are and how I wanted to capture my daughters life and our life as well. I understand how important these sessions are. These moments can't be recreated. As your session unfolds I will not only be documenting your story but I seek to capture effortless laughs, raw emotion, and genuine  love. While I enjoy stepping back and allowing the moments to happen naturally, I will be there to offer my direction and knowledge in helping you feel more comfortable during our session. I'd love to open up about about my workflow and what to expect in a session including the investment of art for your home. Please contact me for further information.

All are welcome here. Welcome to Lilli Photography.